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Strategy • Branding

MAPEGY is a Berlin-based pioneer providing data-driven technology and innovation intelligence which helps identify the opportunities and threats of tomorrow’s technology innovations. As a “recognized key player innovating AI” (Asgard VC 2017) MAPEGY retrieves R&D relevant facts and figures from patents, scientific publications, standards, websites, press releases and visualizes it an intuitive way. Using SaaS solutions, consultants, scouts, managers, or business analysts can reduce the time and the workload for desk research from days to a few clicks.

We were commissioned to redesign their identity in a way that it works for all their intelligence tools and products – previously only available to a select few, to individuals and businesses of all sizes – thus significantly expanding the Billion Euro Innovation Intelligence market. Based on the original idea of founder Peter Walde while founding MAPEGY – giving companies guidance in the big topics tech and AI – we wanted to stick to this idea of guidance, but wanted to express it in a more modern and progressive way to match their future-driven service.